10 Best Sexting Apps for Amazing Sex Chat and Sending Nudes

Sexting is the perfect type of foreplay, and everyone loves it. Here are some of the best sexting apps that could get you horny and jittery in minutes.


  1. AdultFriendFinder
  2. Snapsext
  3. Yumiapp
  4. Snapchat
  5. Arousr
  6. Kik
  7. Wickr
  8. WhatsApp
  9. Instagram
  10. Facebook
  11. Getconfide

Best Sexting Apps to download

Sexting apps has changed the world of sexual relationship in a way that we can’t imagine. But the real fact remains they give you access to unlimited virtual sexual experience from millions of matches all across the globe. There are a few main qualities we look for in a sexting app:

  • 1. Discretion/Privacy
  • 2. Ease of use
  • 3. A community of like-minded Sexters

From sending nudes to sexting messages with total strangers, these app posses all the criteria mentioned above. So whether you’re sexting your boyfriend or even a sex-robot- thingy (don’t look at me), one thing sure, you’re free to get as freaky as you want and send nudes without fear of anyone intercepting those sensitive images of yours.

This is 2020 peeps, and since the COVID-19 pandemic has made it increasingly difficult for people to hook up casually, sexting app is the best resort. Join me as I take you through the six most popular and secure free sexting apps to spice up the year.


Snapsext is one of online dating and sexting chat rooms for all genders looking for live chats and hookups. It has a user density of over 4million worldwide. It requires users to provide detailed profile information to gain access to paid sext and video chats features, paid sex model performances, and a free advanced search feature for all members. Adults of all ages may join and choose from the numerous chat rooms to explore their fantasies. Simply signup to get into the fun sext-life and if you’re ready to play in the big games, upgrade your membership by choosing any of the plans that suit best.


With over 120million registered users worldwide, Kik is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world and also one of the naughtiest. The app user demographic shows a high number of young people from ages 17 to 24 on the platform. Yes, teenagers love kiks, but the main attraction is the seemingly raunchy porn and sexbots on the app for sexting messages.

Kik is an online sexting messaging app, but it offers more anonymity than regular texting, so it’s easy for users to cover their tracks. Unlike other messaging apps that require phone numbers for verification, you simply need a personal username to be on the platform, and they’re not usually so easy to trace. Kik appeals to the teenage crowd because of its emphasis on privacy and anonymity. 


Wickr changed the sexting game and has remained one of the best when it comes to privacy and anonymity. The app big selling point for sexters is its self-destructing messages. Hence, users can select a default time for all chats and messages to self-destruct. Asides that, Wickr ensures user protection by not storing user info on its servers. These intelligent factors have contributed to sexters opt for it over others. With over 50 million users worldwide, the app is a popular sext chatroom for celebrities, political officials and anyone who wants to keep things private. It offers a unique twist on sexting a well-protected digital space.


WhatsApp is much used sexting app by many because of it’s anonymous sexting and oversees messaging features. It is perfect for international messages and calls. The app requires only your phone number during verification hence ideal for users who are dating and wish to have a comfy platform to exchange raunchy text, send nudes, sexting videos and voice notes. It does not necessarily encourage sex with strangers. WhatsApp video calls have often been rated as better than other sexting apps.


The popular photo-sharing app is also a popular sext finder as many users (women) use the platform to get sext with strangers. Instagram is free and lets users share raunchy images which attract interested people. To ensure security, all the chats, pictures and video messages remain hidden and encrypted. And there’s nothing as such message read, received a receipt or not.


Old but gold, Facebook remains one of the most accessible apps to get a large number of interested adults who have similar interests as you. Its messaging app is straightforward to use and allows you access to as many people as you want. With its easy to use interface, emoji’s and file sharing features, users are sure of a good sexting experience.

There are more sexting apps you could use: Yumiapp.comSnapchat.com, Arousr.com, Getconfide.com.

Now you’ve gotten hold of the 6 best sexting apps available in the digital world; we hope this adds some excitement to the upcoming weekends. Kudos!

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