How to Find a Three-way Partner: Communication Tips and Treating Them Right

First of all, congratulations if this is your first attempt at experiencing this potentially hot sexual encounter. A threesome is undeniably the crown jewel of all sexual repertoire. However, finding the perfect third wheel to join the party is often the most challenging part. Read on to find out the best tips for finding a threesome partner.

The Rules Of Engagement

No pun intended but, ‘anything worth doing, is worth doing right’ this goes for sexual encounters. It’s easy to log into any three-way dating website and find partners within minutes, but what happens after that? It’s important to have a clear understanding and establish some ground rules with your partner before getting into it.

Ensure your partner is open-minded and can speak freely about their expectations and give logical reasons as to why they want to add a third party, not just because you want to. Even if it turns out to be a one-time adventure, as long as you and your partner are on the same page about what it’ll mean for your relationship, it could be exactly what was needed to bring some fire and energy back to your sex life. In summary.

  • Communicate Clearly
  • Talk Through It First
  • Ask About Their Boundaries
  • Value Their Pleasure
  • “Sell” Yourselves intelligently in communications with potential unicorns
  • Treat Them Like A Human Being, Not an animal

That being said, here’s how to find a three-way partner.

Searching on Threesome Apps

Apps such as Findyourthreesome, Feeld, Yumi, Tinder, and the rest have sections dedicated to finding you, three-way partners. Best look for apps that give multiple options and that are reputable. Going for newbie threesome apps exposes you and your partner to numerous fake profiles and scammers. In my opinion, since they allow you to screen out unwanted partners, apps are way better than the traditional methods.

Parties and Joining Social Groups

Leave fit to alcohol and good music to set the mood for just anything to happen. Parties and social groups have been known over the years to house the most erotic and adventurous sexcapades. With abundant numbers of like-minded people, alcohol, and a big house to motivate, this is one sure option to find a three-way partner. College house parties are a good example of how big social gatherings encourage sexual exploration and how threesome groups can exist happily.

Bars and Clubs

These days, there are increasing numbers of bars and sex clubs with people of similar drives willing to take you up on a three-way adventure. Polyamorous-centric clubs and bars are a good place to find a willing third wheel because the open secret is, ‘most people are there for similar reasons.’ So, if you enjoy going out and having drinks at bars and clubs, this could be your lucky spot.

Going on Vacations

‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ applies to every other city, and what happens when you vacation in any raunchy city. Going on destination vacations are a good escape into a world of threesome possibilities. Just like others on this list, the goal is to find a willing third partner(s) who shares the same expectations and sexual fantasies as you. But remember, always talk through It first.

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