10 FWB Sites to Get Friends With Benefits & NSA Dating

The difficulty in maintaining modern relationships has given rise to the idea of friends with benefits (FWB). Love is indeed a beautiful thing, but it’s not the only way you can find real affection or companionship. Most people go into a relationship for the sake of finding a soul mate or true love, while some go into a relationship because they need someone by their side.


Over the years, relationships have gotten more challenging to maintain because demands are now bigger, and people are less interested in making peace. Unlike in the past, when there were little distractions, people are no longer afforded the time to take things easy.

Friends with benefits is a term used to categorize two friends who engage in a casual nsasexual relationship with no strings attached (NSA), and without developing feelings for each other. This form of relationship sits well with a lot of people because it eliminates the drama of hurting feelings. It also serves as a way of keeping things in check and knowing when to withdraw the moment feelings start to get involved.

People who engage in friends with benefits relationships are usually friends. Most of the time, they are friends who like each other enough to have sex, yet know that getting into a relationship would be a disaster. The idea is mostly common with single parents who are either divorced or widowed. A lot of these single parents have the urge to have sex, either a one night stand or a long-term one, and they discuss it with a friend who comes to give them sexual satisfaction.

Since the rise of FWB, many people have learnt about it, and as expected, many people are interested in it. A lot of people who are interested in FWB have no idea where to get one. This is why we have decided to review some of the best FWB sites and FWB apps for you. These sites are rated very high, and a visit to some of them will definitely land you that friend with benefits of your dreams.

1. AshleyMadison

Ashleymadison.com is one of the most positively reviewed affair dating sites in the world, and what makes it totally unique is its added feature for finding friends with benefits. Ashley madison is one of the most visited sites because it’s where you can find a friend and hook up with him/her within minutes. With its added features, you can easily set up a date with your new friend in some of the best places around you.

Also, on the site, you are guaranteed real, verified accounts of men and women who would fit your criteria. Known for its excellent reputation, Ashleymadison.com has been rated top ten on more than five different occasions for the quality of services they render.

2. Seeking

Seeking is a sugar daddy website that represents its name in many ways possible. It is a site created for people who seek a particular type of relationship. On the site, users are presented with many categories of men and women. New and old members are then allowed to browse through these categories to make it easier for them to find what they want.

The site features a category for no strings attached. This category is strictly for members who are looking for casual sex with someone. In a bid to maintain professionalism, it informs members under the NSA category to make friends first before having sexual intimacy. Of the over 200,000 members on the site, more than 20,000 belong to the NSA FWB category.

3. AdultFriendFinder

This site is one of the best and most popular fwb sites where you can find women or men who could be your friends with benefits. On Adult friend finder, you can rest assured that you’ll meet someone also interested in finding a FWB. Adultfriendfinder is a website that has over 300,000 registered members, of which over 80% are singles between the ages of 18 and 60.

Registration on Adultfriendfinder.com is free, easy and straightforward. After the registration, you are allowed to browse through thousands of profiles and see pictures of beautiful men and women.

On Adultfriendfinder.com, it’s very easy to get a friend who might be interested in a one night stand or casual sexual relationship.

4. NoStringsAttached

As the name implies, No strings attached is an nsa dating site strictly created for casual friendship and sexual relationship. The site does not offer any dating services and tips because it’s against its policies. All the members on Nostringsattached are men and women who have come to find a partner with no strings attached. Members are allowed to view the full profile of other members.

Members are also allowed to input their location so that they can find a partner nearby or far away. Registration on Nostringsattached.com is free, but users have to purchase credits in order to activate the instant messaging feature. One of the perks of being a member of Nostringsattached.com is that you’re assured that every other member is available to have fun. The site has an estimated amount of 280,000 members, with over 4000 unique visitors daily.

5. POF

Pof (Plenty of fishes) is another popular FWB site with thousands of positive reviews out there. The site’s name echoes the resounding fact that there are plenty of fishes (partners) in the ocean, and you’re free to choose anyone you want. While a lot of people are struggling to keep a relationship that won’t work, there are millions of people out there who enjoy the benefits of relationships without the added drama that comes with it.

On Pof.com, there are thousands of women who are ready to engage in an FWB relationship with you. These people are not too demanding or unnecessarily dramatic. Pof.com has a unique user interface that makes it easy for new and old members to make new friends. Registration on Pof.com is free, but users need to purchase credits after exhausting their welcome bonus.

Pricing on Pof.com varies according to the value of credits you want to purchase. Your financial information is very safe with the site because of its top-notch security systems.

6. Tinder

Rated top ten as some of the best hookup apps ever, Tinder’s inclusion in this list is no surprise. The dating app offers everything from dating, to hookup, to casual sex, to one night stands (ONS), to friends with benefits. Members on tinder are treated very special. The security measures employed to protect users from scams and fraud has made it a safe space.

Asides their website, Tinder also has mobile applications on both IOS and Android operating systems. On tinder.com, you are guaranteed your perfect friend. Tinder.com has established its reputation for being one of the very best. Members on Tinder are verified and real, and unlike other fake sites, you can be sure you’re not chatting with bots.

7. Downapp

Just like Nostringsattached, Downapp is also a site created strictly for people who are interested in having FWB. The site collects the information that you’ve submitted and uses an algorithm to generate matches for you according to your preferences. When you switch on your location, features like the “members near me” tab helps you to find a potential match that is very close to you. The site has a web application as well as FWB apps on both IOS and Android devices. Registration is free, fast and easy.

8. OKcupid

Finding an FWB site has become difficult due to the high number of fake sites out there. Thanks to Okcupid, however, people can now have an FWB dating site where they are sure of chatting with verified people. The site’s reputation for always putting their customers first has always gained them more members, and it’s safe to say that their site is arguably one of the fastest growing online dating sites currently. There is no shortage of options on Okcupid.com, and a careful look at their site would show that they have the best profiles for men and women who want to be friends with benefits.

On Ok cupid, members are selected with careful and particular scrutiny so that they won’t be subjected to fraud, scam and bot profiles. Registration is also free, and users need to purchase credits in order to have access to all the features.

9. Pure.app

Pure.app is an anonymous fwb app created for people who are interested in FWB dating. FWB dating is an advanced form of dating for people who want to engage in more than friends with benefits but not a relationship. These kinds of people develop feelings for each other, but they do not formalize it by starting a relationship.

On Pure, members are allowed to set up a date and send gifts to each other. Registration is free, but members need to purchase credits in order to unlock all the features available on the app.

Not everyone is cut out for the camaraderie that comes with love and relationships. There are millions of people across the world who just want someone they can get intimate with without having to worry about trust and emotions. Not everyone has the mental strength to deal with nagging, fights, quarrels and emotional blackmail. This is why casual sexual relationships are on the rise, and for those who want to have fun with no strings attached, then a visit to one of the friends with benefits sites above is all you need.

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